The “Ché” Guevara Museum Is Death Marketing

* Fundación Internacional Bases severely criticized the project of a museum of Ché.

* They argue that Ché does not represent the people of Rosario.

Rosario, Argentina (June 27, 2022) — Fundación Internacional Bases criticized the museum project in homage to Ernesto Guevara. According to its authorities, “the Ché Industrial Complex ignores the crimes committed by Guevara himself and the genocidal regime he helped implement in Cuba.”

Bases explains that the Castro dictatorship has ruled Cuba in an authoritarian manner and without elections for more than six decades. They also state that the “revolution” has committed more than eleven thousand murders. Some of these executions were carried out by Che Guevara personally. In turn, almost eighty thousand people have lost their lives trying to escape from the island, while Cuban military interventions abroad have left fourteen thousand dead. For their part, the more than eleven million Cubans imprisoned on the island survive in misery, with terrible public health and deplorable living conditions.

“Ché does not represent the people of Rosario,” said Federico N. Fernández, President of Fundación Internacional Bases. “Ours is a city of immigrants, with one of the most important ports in the world, open to the world and full of people who want to work and progress. Associating us with the figure of a murderer does not do the city’s image any favors.”

Fundación Internacional Bases has denounced the state cult of Ché in his hometown for years. According to them, their campaign “Remove the tributes to ‘Che’ Guevara” in 2017 aroused the interest of the local, national, Latin American, and world press. Furthermore, they clarify that it was much more successful than the counter-campaigns launched by nostalgic sectors of Guevarism.

The classical liberal foundation of Rosario will continue denouncing the Ché Industrial Complex and the marketing of death. They also announce that they will continue their efforts to remove all tax-funded tributes to Guevara.

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