Freeplay Releases Community Management Tool for Independent Instructors

May 26, 2021

Freeplay is launching their new in-person scheduling tool with hot offer for independent fitness instructors. Throughout the month of June, instructors will earn a bonus $20 for every in-person class they teach. Freeplay is also waiving their standard 8% commission through the end of July to give instructors time to try the app with their own classes.

For the past year, Freeplay has given instructors a way to teach their communities online through live streams and on-demand content. Instructors are able record or upload their own content, set a monthly subscription rate, and allow their followers to work out with them on demand. Live streams have been free for their participants, and the app allows users to tip instructors as well.

Now, those same instructors can use Freeplay to schedule and share in-person classes with their local communities. With a couple of clicks, users book and pay for each class directly through the app, giving instructors a class roster which automatically gets notified if anything about the class changes.

“We knew that we had instructors who were hosting workouts outside of gyms,” says Aaron Mitchell, Freeplay’s CEO. “What we didn’t realize was how hard it was for them to manage those classes. It required a wide array of tools and apps that didn’t talk to each other, and we knew we could solve that with Freeplay.”

To utilize this new feature, Instructors need to first create a free instructor profile on Freeplay, which they can do by clicking here.

Instructors can then also see a demonstration of the in-person scheduling experience below.

If you are an instructor and would like more information about Freeplay, you can download the Freeplay App in the app store, or email



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