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Write for FreeRein

However you appreciate the wilderness and everything in it, you are welcome here.

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Tell us the story of the first time you went hiking and thought you saw a bear.

Show us jawdropping landscape photos from your vacation.

Write a haiku about plants.

Describe the sunset in excruciating detail, paint a picture of a coral reef, review a travel book, teach us something new, or make up a funny story about bees.


There’s a reason we call it FreeRein.

How to write for FreeRein

  1. Get added as a writer by commenting on this post with a request to join.
  2. Create a story! We’re flexible on topics as long as it involves nature, wild animals, travel, or the outdoors. We don’t like excessive self-promotion, business advice, how-to listicles, religion, politics, or anything hateful. Let’s just all have a good time, okay?
  3. Use one or more of the following tags: animals, travel, nature, or stories. This last one is used for art, poetry, fiction, or alternative formats.
  4. Make sure credit is given where it’s due. Cite sources, give photo credit, only submit your own work, follow Medium’s rules, etc.
  5. After you’ve been added and written up your story, submit your draft to FreeRein. If you’ve already published something independently and would like to add it to this publication, you can! Do be aware that stories are ordered by publication date.
  6. If your piece is well-edited and well-suited for FreeRein, we’ll publish it. If there’s an issue, we’ll let you know how to make your piece a better fit.
Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

If you consider yourself a naturalist, a traveler, a writer, or an artist — we can’t wait to meet you!




A place for appreciating nature through stories, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, art, or almost any other format you can imagine. This is the Medium branch of FreeRein Ink — a multimedia literary magazine for fresh air breathers.

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Sarah Czarnecki

Sarah Czarnecki

Usually a travel and animal blogger. Sometimes a music writer, often a pro skateboarding journalist. Always a reader. | Editor of FreeRein

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