Seek adventure and report it

Sharing is the utmost important thing you can do. Your experiences should be made available for whatever knowledge and wisdom they can impart to the world — and for any personal lessons that could be realized. You must be bold, take risks, frequently talk to strangers, and explore the unknown, as well as what you think is known. Show life to the world on a daily basis.

Go where you want; stay where you’re needed

You are a free agent, with agency. On the road of life, there is no ahead, nor behind. You will arrive at the exact moment you are meant to arrive, and you’ll leave precisely when your presence has fulfilled its purpose. Live in the now. When you’re “here,” be here. Don’t ignore the gift of the present while wasting time looking for a new “there” to go to. There will become here when you get there.

You are where and when you need to be. Enjoy here, always.

Home is where you park it

A piece of wisdom borrowed from Foster Huntington, a #vanlife documentarian and creator of the coffee table book “Home Is Where You Park It.” Let this creed serve as a reminder that home is always where your heart is.

A home does not make the person. The person makes the home. You can be at home whenever and wherever you want to.

Maintenance Mondays (PMCS)

The idea of Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) comes from my time in the military motor pool (yup, add me to the list of crazy veterans who turned hippie). It was a structured method of ensuring your equipment remains mission ready and was conducted every Monday.

Let PMCS serve as a weekly discipline to take care of your head, your heart, your home, and your van. Take time to maintain you.

“There’s birth, there’s death, and in between there’s maintenance.” — Tom Robbins.

Travel light, write heavy, inquire often

You should enjoy things, but only hold on to memories. As a traveler, things only weigh you down and will clutter your mind faster than your available storage space. Everything you need is out there, don’t get bogged down trying to take it all with you.

You need only be concerned with what you’ll write next, not what you’ll get next. To be a writer, you need to write. To be a philosopher, you need to ask questions. To be a human, you need to exist. Just be.

It’s not a journey unless you struggle to get there

Living is a difficult endeavor, but remember it can always be worse. When you make a conscious effort to continue moving forward, it requires strength of mind and character to make it to the next milestone. No one ventured anywhere without some hardship.

Don’t panic. Everything is subject to change.

Earth is mostly harmless. Always remember to bring a towel (hat tip to Douglas Adams). And don’t forget that everything — including this Vanifesto — is subject to change.

What it’s all about

You put your love in ❤ // You take your hate out // You put your faith in, and remove all trace of doubt // You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around

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