Code Jamming: Music Hacks 2017

Technology is driving its way into utterly every aspect of our lives. Take a moment to think about the intersection of music and technology. Do you constantly stream music on your way to class? Have you ever bonded over karaoke? Has music helped calm a friend’s anxiety? Since the music industry has a widespread audience, there is significant potential to make an impact. Join Freetail Hackers this April 15th, where we will be hosting a 12-hour hackathon, challenging you to merge technology and music.

During the week leading up to the event, there will be a fantastic set of workshops to spark your interest and prepare you for Music Hacks. Don’t worry if you are not able to attend Music Hacks, these workshops are open to everyone.

  • Feel like going on a data binge? Freetail Hacker Creative Director Bongani will deliver a crash course about the Spotify API. In addition to explaining how to access Spotify content, such as music previews, Bongani will illustrate how to interact with User Data.
  • Uncertain about the hackathon experience? Checkout Hackathon 101, a panel-driven discussion over how to survive a 12-hour hackathon.
  • Curious how to manipulate audio? Fellow hacker Mason will deliver an Intro to Web Audio workshop. Through hands on instruction about the Web Audio API and a little Vue.js, Mason will show you how to build a DJ mixer.

On the day of Music Hacks, there will be plenty of resources to help keep your creative juices flowing. Checkout the Music Visualization workshop to learn about representing music using P5. Hang out in the Music Lounge for a relaxing interlude. Converse with a mentor who is ready to coach you to succeed. Hungry? We will have plenty of snacks to munch on throughout the day and delicious meals from Taco Deli and Poke-e-Jo’s. Prefer a vegetarian option — we’ve got you covered! Ultimately, don’t forget to utilize your resources and have a good time.

While there is plenty that can be done to prepare, there will still be a learning curve. 12-hours is a short time to brainstorm an idea and prototype it. Yet the personal gain is significant. Music Hacks will get you thinking about combining technology with other industries, challenge your time management skills, and bridge gaps as you develop team camaraderie. Freetail Hackers is excited to see what you create and we hope to make your hackathon experience a memorable one.