5 reasons to work at a startup

By The FreeTask Detroit Team

Working for a startup isn’t for everyone. There will be long hours, less pay at the start, and no small risk of the startup’s demise (check out Startup Graveyard for example autopsy reports). But there are also plenty of benefits for those who choose the #startuplife.

Below we round up 5 reasons to get a startup gig.

1. You’ll grow your skills

Joining a small team means you’ll get to tackle projects other team members don’t have the time to do. While in a larger corporate environment these tasks might get assigned to another department or even more senior-level staff — if you’re motivated to take on additional work at a startup you can eventually become the go-to person for specialized knowledge areas.

2. You’ll grow fast

Taking a startup job can help you to advance in your job role(s) more quickly. Instead of (or in addition to) fetching dry cleaning as a low-level intern or remaining stagnate as a mid-level hire — you can quickly grow into an office authority. As the startup grows, likely so will your level of seniority.

3. You’ll help shape the company culture

If you’re feeling stifled within your current office environment, working at a startup will give you the opportunity to help shape the culture of a company from the start. You’ll also be in a position to refer new hires who will help to influence office dynamics. Don’t like silos and acidic office politics? Help to promote a culture of diverse collaboration.

4. You’ll work around other innovators

Speaking of diverse collaboration, you’ll get to work with other innovators who will help to expand your thinking and approach to business. There will be times of considerable creative contention, but working with diverse innovators can help you to try out new perspectives (even if you’re just trying to work out why the other person is clearly wrong).

5. You’ll learn to create great things

Working at a startup will give you useful insight into how to (or not to) launch a new idea. Plus growing alongside other innovators can provide you with the contacts you’ll need to launch your own successful startup idea someday. Hey, you’ll officially be a startuper!

Sound like a good gig ?

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