Sidechain is a method of blockchain split, where tokens and other digital assets from one blockchain can be safely used on another, additional blockchain. And then, if necessary, go back without any problems.

PoC (proof-of-capasity) is a consensus algorithm used in blockchain, in which available hard disk space is used to mine digital currency, rather than the computing power, as in PoW, or the number of coins already available as in PoS.

With the proof-of-capasity consensus, a list of possible solutions is created on the miner’s hard drive even before mining begins, and the larger the memory capacity, the more solutions can be stored on it, which increases the chances of finding the correct hash value in the list and getting rewarded for the block.

Any hard drives can be used for proof-of-capasity, there is no need to purchase additional special equipment. At the same time, the mining data can be deleted at any time if the need arises to use the memory to store other information.

Blockchains using the PoC algorithm: Storj, Burst, Chia and SpaceMint.


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