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The GBA is developing not only the issues of blockchain implementation in the national voting system. The association has many other tasks that only seem less important and significant for modern society.

Impact of cryptocurrency on government

The GBA Founder and Head is proud to present the report, which contains a wealth of processed information and important data sources. The documentation should help officials, public and private individuals to determine the possible vectors of economic development in the future. The report tells about the speed of implementation of the cryptocurrency system, understand its trajectory and assess all possible consequences.


We present 2 contests, the total prize fund of which is $200k+ especially for developers.

The task of the first:

Contest for the development and implementation of the HTTP Notification Module for external applications and services. This module should have an ability to send notifications via HTTP protocol.

The task of the second:

In order to support the testing of smart contracts without paying gas on the mainnet, and/or in order to test new blockchain features and functionalities, several test networks are required. These testnets should have clear rules for validators to join. There could be several networks set up…

When transferring funds to an exchange (or withdrawing them), such as CEX.IO, there are problems with specifying Memo. Free TON HOUSE tells you how to deposit tokens into the exchange from Surf wallet, paying attention to Memo.

How to deposit on the exchange CEX.IO

Open the exchange address, click [Deposit] and in the window that appears on the right, select the currency of deposit — TON.

Free TON DevEx SG communities held an online auction mechanism implementation contest at the second attempt. Last time, they postponed the start because of the low number of participants and the low quality of work.

The main goal of the Online auctions implementation contest was to develop a reference implementation of different auction types in the Free TON blockchain according to the distributed smart contracts architecture. Therefore, the contestants competed in the creation, testing, and deployment of smart contracts that implement different types of auctions.

Requirements For The Contest Works

Since the Vickrey auction is already implemented by the DeNS contest, the jury suggested that…

Hey, freetonias! Today, September 14, we would like to invite you to our Weekly Free TON Meetup #71 that is going to start at 1.00 p.m UTC (15.00 CET, take into account that weekly meetups time has been moved (+1 hours) forever.


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🎤Q&A section

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Cryptocurrency airdrops — free crypto coins or tokens — have become a common way for crypto firms to market themselves. This article explores what airdrops are, their history, benefits, and their use in crypto projects.

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, an airdrop is a procedure for issuing free crypto tokens or coins to existing and new holders of a particular cryptocurrency, for instance, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, among others.

Airdrops create attention and new followers, leading to an immense user base; thus, more coins or tokens are distributed. …

Topical crypto and blockchain news, tricky quizzing, easy quizzing, and the unveiling of Ben’s first ever children’s book! You don’t want to miss it!

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Hosts: Ben Sunderland @mrbsunder1and31, Senior Community Manager at TON Labs.

Special guests: Eugene Morozov @EMMorozov, Vice President of Business Development at TON labs; Chuck Bogorad @chuck_bogorad, SVP of Solutions Delivery at TON Labs; Anton Zur, CEO and Founder of HumanVenture.


Free TON is a decentralized blockchain network that was ​launched by a community of developers and validators on May 7, 2020.

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Decentralized finance has both pros and cons. Several of the most important issues are holding back the massive adoption of DeFi. System risks are caused by asset liquidity, some user errors, unsecured smart contracts, etc.

The main problems of DeFi

The first flaw is the vulnerability of smart contracts, which can affect the operation of the financial system. Smart contracts are an electronic model of real contracts that control the fulfillment of the terms of the contract by both parties. An error in the code is fraught with the loss of blocked money.

Reentrancy attacks and DOS attacks are a…

Due to poor efficiency and inequality of the financial institutions we are used to, in 2008 the world was overtaken by a crisis. Cryptocurrencies appeared and blockchain technologies were involved, which strengthened decentralization. It was then that the world of decentralized financial services — DeFi — came into being.
Thanks to the DeFi ecosystems, there are now many peer-to-peer decentralized networks that help solve banking problems, lending issues, and advanced financial instruments have appeared. Despite the many advantages of such areas, their popularity is at stake.

DeFi or FinTech

FinTech is a trendy area around the world. Dozens of startups…

There are always innovators and conservatives in any issue. Since digital art is a new direction, there are a lot of the latter. It is quite difficult for authors to choose between physical and digital reality. Many are accustomed to live exhibitions, because you can observe the reaction of the audience and communicate directly with it. But there are also those who are ready for innovations.

For example, the spouses-artists Kabanovs Ilya and Emilia took a step in this direction. They made a digital art object based on illustration D-161 and presented it on the Shank Art platform. The painting was…

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