Pre-Q2 Roadmap 2021

This is a pre-Q2 guidance post: we will post a formal calendar per the details in the section entitled, “Upcoming changes in community governance”

Service Registration

As part of the AS2NG programme, we will be opening up access for end users to be able to purchase and manage their own endpoint server for usage. This means they will be able to either manage their own node or have it managed for them.

Network Integration

Part of the new AS2NG programme means that we will be offering either Ethereum main net or xDAI as a primary chain connectivity layer. Ethereum Main net would involve utilizing a Rollup provider (Optimism as an example). We are currently in talks about which provider to utilize.

Webpage redesign

Already in process for AS2 Network’s web page, along with a revamped dashboard. Looking at next week for beta deployment and feedback.

Onboarding new partners

We will be resuming our partnership programs once our new general partner, Michael is official with us.

New approach to financing transactions

We are working on integrating with a 3rd party provider in order to offer ACH linked payments to transactions, will detail more as soon as its up and running.

Upcoming changes in community governance

We will be exploring the usage of something like Clubhouse in order to provide an AMA along with a monthly governance call. Expect this to happen by the first week of March (I have it scheduled for Thursday March 4th, 2021 if there are no objections we will confirm this date this Friday).

Additionally we will start publishing a formal calendar for the next 3 months every quarter, with a pre-post (such as this), and a formal one (after community input, any other changes, etc).



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