Why Influencer Marketing becomes Influencer Sales.

We believe in an ecommerce where people have a voice and where real humans are connected to each other rather than to anonymous bots and algorithms. We say that the next evolutionary stage of ecommerce requires actual human participation to match the customers needs and demands online and exactly where it matters the most — in your brand's shop.

Experience-Driven Purchase Behavior

It’s no exaggeration to say that classical influencer marketing translates into influencer sales. This is especially true as we enter the experience-driven age of the internet and unfold the powerful role of user-generated and earned content in selling and purchasing. And this should be no surprise, as we have come a long way in the evolution of user behaviour in recent decades; from browsing to searching to discovering and now, to experiencing worthwhile content and exciting products.

Experiences must be seen holistically with the human factor taking a more important role than ever. Just think of a classic brick and mortar store that smells like coffee when you enter and are greeted by a friendly and smiling salesperson asking how they can help you. This special kind of human interaction makes a huge difference - it can make your day or break it. It can inspire you to purchase merchandise or drive you to leave the store empty handed with a negative emotion associated to the brand. It is hard to overstate the power of a positive emotional experience to create a loyal customer or of a negative one to create a missed opportunity.

Emotional and Conversational Selling

When it comes to creating an engaging and positive ecommerce experience to match the brick and mortar experience we are reaching our limits. Static algorithm driven processes and user flows can only go so far in producing meaningful customer experiences. In the brick and mortar store, your salesperson formed a connection with your consumer and unconsciously created and followed a consumer journey right to the closing of the sale.

The influence of the right salesperson goes a lot further than just creating interest or influencing for a specific need or product. It does all this while also fading into emotional driven sales by building up a strong relationship to and engagement with your customer. We see that experience-driven selling has to be curated and steered with the right flow to match your customers, products and values — from entry to checkout.

Turning Socials Into Sellers

When it comes to acquiring new customers through classic influencer marketing, the magic happens mostly outside your well-designed product or checkout page. The real engaging experience towards a final purchase decision for your brand's products ends, where the customer journey should actually start — in the social channels. The bridge to your final product page is missing and also hard to measure as the story doesn’t continue where it matters the most — in your brand shop. So how to bridge the social channel with your brands shop, and turn influencers into social sellers?

Going back to the classical brick and mortar store, the salesperson became an advisor, a guide in the choice process. Imagine you can build your own sales force to sell your products the same way, through a conversational user experience and guided flows from arrival to checkout. With our SaaS Plugin Solution Frekkls and a sales force of over 100.000 micro- and macro influencers, we offer sales as a service, driven by people and their content that goes from the teasers in social media all the way through cross- and upselling on your brands website to your checkout and beyond — systematic, scalable, paid by performance.

Frekkls — Humanizing Ecommerce

The people driven sales channel

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