I Blog Against My Will

So for this weeks blog post, I thought I would digress a little, and talk about why I blog. Well to begin, I am kind of being forced to do this for a class of mine. I genuinely really hate writing, and this is for my writing 340 class. I have dreaded taking this class for about a few years now, I sort of put it off because it is just writing all the time. So yeah basically I write because I have to for my class, if I don’t write these posts, I fail the class and then I am stuck having to take a writing class all over again. I would also like to add that if I had to take writing 340 over again, I may be utterly fucked because my professor this semester is tight af (that one’s for you coach), and he is very open with what we write about and how we write, which I enjoy. Like I said I hate writing as it is, and being able to choose what I write about makes it a little easier.

Digressing a little bit, I sort of wanted to get into the minor detail of mandatory “core” classes that colleges/universities make students take. I honestly never knew college was going to be like this. My whole life growing up, especially more so in high school, I thought in college you were able to take any class you want (obviously classes that coincided with your major). I however was not aware that colleges force students to take certain classes that

1. I have 0 interest in but have to take to complete a requirement

2. Don’t work towards my strengths and lastly,

3. Get stuck with because it fit into my schedule (these are the classes that I really don’t like but need to take in order to graduate on time)

That being said I also don’t understand why America has this desire to produce “well-rounded” students who are well versed in all different forms of knowledge, from sciences and maths, to writing, history, etc. Arts is the one area that is usually ignored, which is beyond annoying cause to me that is my favorite.

Okay so basically this post, like most of my posts recently have just been a place for me to rant out my feelings about an area of subject/topic. Bust basically I blog cause I have to, due to a large issue of America needing to generate “well-rounded” students. However in my opinion I think we should look towards Japan where from what I understand in their society they tend to focus on one skill and work on mastering it their entire life (not necessarily their culture today, but a long time ago from what I know this was the case). I also would like to learn more basic skills in school that I will actually use in my life, like hey how to do taxes, or cook, do laundry (for some), how to change a tire, the list goes on. I need more basic skill learning, not random shit about math or science that literally won’t take me anywhere; it is wasted knowledge cause I don’t plan on doing anything with my life that is science related.

“A boy’s cooking club at Azabu High School, where home economics is mandatory.” (Danielle NermanCBC )http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/what-s-the-secret-to-japan-s-slender-population-serious-eating-education-1.2894221

Basically I want to go to school in Japan/wish I did a little. I have posted some links below for you to see what I am talking about; cause kids in Japan growing up learn basic everyday life skills while in middle school! I want that! I wish I had that!! Enjoy J and see you next week.

Also if you have any information on schooling in Japan, I am actually really interested, so leave some comments below.



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