Voice Post

Just like last week, this post is an analyzation post for my writing class but have no fear, 2 new creepy posts are on the way….

This week I am analyzing the voice of blogger, investigative journalist, and author Rob Tripp. His blog, entitled CANCRIME caught my eye on the interwebs and I decided to explore Canada’s crime platform. To say the very least, I was not disappointed.

Among the many posts and resources on Tripps’s site, there are a plethora of creepy cases to delve into including the one of the infamous Black Widow of Canada. This post really gave me an insight into Tripps’s voice as a blogger and investigator through his phrasing when he indirectly expresses his distaste for authorities’ labeling of the suspect: “the system has refused to apply the brand that could keep her locked up”. Tripp asserts that by Canadian authorities avoiding giving the Black Widow the term ‘sociopath’, they are opening the public up to imminent danger when she is released. This phrasing does not come up often in the form of such strong opinions which alludes to an impassionate ‘outburst’ on his part. In addition, Tripp uses a paragraph flow that outlines the case and suspect in an investigatory yet interesting manner. The facts are presented in a way that encourages readers to keep going instead of just spitting out fact after fact.

Here is a link: http://www.cancrime.com/2016/03/20/records-hint-at-black-widows-real-identity-serial-killer-psychopath/

Another post I want to outline that I found on Tripp’s site is entitled “Infamous child killer Betesh admits crime was “bad” in penpal advert”. Quite frankly, the title did me in and I had to read it. The factors I focused more on in this post is Tripp’s punctuations and structure, there are quite a few more commas to expand his ideas and shorter paragraphs used in the beginning of the post. These aspects, used poorly, would be highly annoying to a reader but in this instance they were welcomed as a break in the sentence structure. In all, Tripp’s Canada true crime blog is a welcome break from the States’ obsession with past serial killers.

Here is a link to the second article: http://www.cancrime.com/2017/02/13/infamous-child-killer-betesh-admits-crime-was-bad-in-penpal-advert/