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When it comes to create content for your audience

You are lucky ! Your company is valuing content a lot and decided to go for it. Content is on everyone’s lips. The team has started working following all the findable information on the web. Like we all do.

Your company checked all the boxes :

  • The team

A brand new team dedicated to content. Either internal and/or with the help of agencies specialized or not.

  • The content calendar

You know what you are going to produce in the all year with the content calendar. It’s is flexible, collaborative and detailled. Every person in the content space in and out of you company is able to read it and amend. Only, of course if his role allows it. It’s collaborative because many people will have a part to play in the content cycle. To name it a few : Content producer, social media manager, brand and product manager, the copywriter etc…

Usually mid or big size teams will use a tool like Coschedule. Everything is inside and many people in your organization will be able to connect to it. Also they will amend, correct, or confirm any content before its distribution. Co-Schedule is also able to distribute and publish content on social platforms. There’s many tools out there. You need to find the time to search for the one matching your needs.

  • The content sources

As I use to say, every day, a company is producing content, from a simple email confirming a client’s order to a major content cycle, through a financial report. Everything is content and as a marketer you need to to identify those sources, find a way to share content on a shared platform. Content sources can be plenty, but you need to size their time availibility for content and may be train them to obtain what you are looking for.

  • The content canvas

This magical document will bring your story to life. Inserting all the 7 elements of a story, it will bring your content to life to engage the user. Don’t be fooled ! It’s taking time to think about it and fill it out. Don’t forget it, your copywriter will need it.

  • Your buying personas

After a several market studies and insights, you have identified your buying personas. It means that you will know to whom you are going to speak to. In contrary to many other competitors, each piece of content will have a destination and a story to tell. A story in which your buying personas can identify.

Now you can feel the content creation is coming. And questions haven’t been that many. Who’s going to create it ? A copywriter ? The most knowledgeable colleague ? Does he know how to do it ? (I mean this is for the web) Does he know how to write for the web; the titles, the number of words, the links, the size of picture, its weight ?

Stop asking you those questions and provide the answers before the problem is here.

You need to create text content faster than you can say. In the digital world and when you need to create content on the go, faster than any tornado, some tech companies have found the solution.

  • Use a content writing service

When you need to create a lot of text for you corporate blog or any other support, you can rely on those vendors. Why ? Because it fast, and you are getting what you are paying for. I mean, if you want something fast, cheap and good quality, don’t expect a miracle (in any service by the way). So, if you have a tight schedule and few ressources but a little bit of budget, go for them. Easy to use, you will find all the elements that are qualifying a good text; SEO criterias, length, links, theme, negative keywords etc…

No way you can get it wrong. Constant content, or Text Broker are good to have in your bookmarks.

  • AI will come next

Less humans needed. AIWriter is able to write 3000 articles and I have to admit I can’t see the difference. Myth or Reality ? Even if we are not at this stage, many programs and github stuff you can find online, will help at least to re-write content if needed.

It has been writter by a machine. Can you tell the difference ?
  • A picture worth a thousand words.

Picture and other media in general are key to content. Overall, you are always looking for more pictures. Make sure that everybody understood the value of it. Write down a short memo explaining how to take a good picture, I means what is valuable to you, for your marketing objectives.

In mentionning how to frame, the picture resolution, a clean background, no people without authorization , you will avoid unusable pictures.

And if your team is not ready or equiped, think stock photos. Many resources are availables out there. Librestock is gathering more than 47 websites providing free stock photos.
Small tip here you can also look into Flickr too. A search feature enable you to search for free commercial use pictures.

And if you are into content, and you don’t want to talk about it anymore but want to see it; Invest in a content factory… but this is another story…



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