Life After Life

Supporting Movies by Our Friends

Aside from doing a million Internet videos a year, we’ve also been fortunate enough to collaborate with our friends and fellow filmmakers on some really cool, ambitious projects. A couple of years ago, we worked on our first feature, Falling Uphill, which took us over a year to do the post-production on. Equally frustrating and rewarding, it was an eye-opening experience into just how much work goes into creating a feature length film.

Recently, we’ve been working with frequent DP Jesse Dana and filmmaker Tamara Perkins on their documentary Life After Life. The two have been working on the film for over 7 years, which follows two ex-cons as they are released from prison after being given life sentences. When Tamara and Jesse approached French Press, there were hours and hours of footage that needed to be sorted through so that their editor, Kevin Jones, could get started. We all decided the best approach would be to use French Press’ superstar assistant editor, Shirley, as the first step to tackling the mountain of footage.

Nearly six months later, everything has been logged, interviews have been transcribed, and a thirteen-hour long assembly cut has been created. From this, we’ve put together a trailer that, we think, condenses nearly a decade of hard work into a little over two minutes to give you, our beloved audience, a taste of what this labor of love will become. Have a look, won’t you?

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