New Music Video: Quelle Chris

The Art of the Blacklight Music Video

We’re very fortunate that all of the music videos we’ve created are for artists we actually love.

We met Quelle Chris during our shoot for Exile’s “Klepto”. After that we heard his album Shotgun & Sleek Rifle and we were totally blown away. We started hanging out and he even helped us out with an awesome interview for our culture piece for Audyssey Labs.

If you’re gonna do a blacklight video… best make it weird.

Since then, he’s signed with Mello Music Group and busted out two awesome albums last year. The planets aligned and the time was right for us to finally get together and work on something crazy. We only had one concepting call where Quelle showed us a scrappy blacklight puppet show and the ideas flooded out from there. We wanted to make a “black light rap video” that worked with Quelle’s DIY aesthetic and was strictly performance based. It wouldn’t necessarily be held together by a story like our other videos.

See? Weird.

Production took place in our office over one Sunday, which was the day after Roman’s 30th birthday party. We assembled an amazing crew of friends, nursed our fuzzy hangover brains with breakfast sandwiches from The American, put up black curtains, cranked up the blacklights, and danced with some puppets.

All the “creatures” and backgrounds were created here after scrambling to some local party stores, then we got into all-black outfits and got our performance dance on.

You can get Quelle’s new album right here at Mello Music Group or iTunes or Bandcamp or your local friendly record store. It is awesome.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

We can’t wait for the next music video… it’s definitely going to be challenging, exciting, and mind-altering. We’ll keep you posted!