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How can French Tech help you?

In the last few weeks, some people have asked me how to get involved with French Tech.

That is great. Firstly, let’s run thru a quick recap of what we can do for you:

What can you get out from French Tech?

  • Join our community — French Tech builds communities of startup founders, media and investors around the world. We are the point of contact for numerous projects launched by startups, media, investors and corporations — join the community and stay in the known.

How we can support you:

  • We associate the French Tech brand to your initiatives
  • We drive traffic to your initiatives
  • We connect you with the right people in our community
  • We relay your initiative through our channels

How can you get involved?

Below is a non-exhaustive list of how you can get involved.

Lead a project

  • If you want to run your own project in your own industry and need visibility and support through our community, we can help you. A few example are industry specific partnerships with companies in your industry and French Tech to help them access our community.

Create content under French Tech umbrella

  • Become a contributor of French Tech publication — share your expertise, macro views, industry news, or ecosystems knowledge in a blog post
  • Put together a toolbox about your ecosystem with us
  • Speak at our events
  • Be featured in our newsletters (see below)
  • Organise your event — if you have a topic in mind or if you know experts and speakers keen to engage la French Tech audience let us know. We can help you make things happen.

We are open to suggestions. Let us know what you have in mind. Get in touch.