FRES Edition: The Prints & Multiples For The Blockchain Era

Apr 27, 2018 · 15 min read

“Inspired by Soho’s gallery history and the street culture of lower Manhattan, Abloh created a gallery space instead of a traditional store, one where you can touch — and buy, if you please — the art. Except, in this case, the art is a $2,982 bag with “Sculpture” written across it. For those on a budget, you can also walk away with a gallery brochure — free! — or leave a comment card in a submission box for the designer to read. The point is more about the experience of Off-White than it is shopping the season’s latest items.”

— Vogue Magazine

Em Pty Gallery, Off White’s NYC Mercer Street Store. All rights reserved by Off White.

Ever wonder why the products from high street fashion brands such as Supreme, Fear of God, Off White being sold at such high prices yet people still go crazy for them?

While the root is in art.

When a pair of shoes or a hoodie gets sold for $1500+, they are not simply commodities for their utility value, they are prints & multiples by the artists.

FRES Edition is the prints & multiples for the digital era.

Unique Artwork

Pablo Picasso, Les Femmes d’Alger. Oil on canvas, $179.4 Million.
Andy Warhol, Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster). Silkscreen ink and silver spray paint on canvas. $105.4 Million
Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Orange). Miirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating, $58.4 million
Vincent Van Gough, The Starry Night, Oil on canvas. Permanent collection at MOMA.

No matter level of the artist, whether he or she is a world-renowned name or an art school student or a street artist, his or her unique artwork is more expensive than his Prints & Multiples.

Prints & Multiples

JEFF KOONS (B. 1955)
Balloon Dog (Red)
metallic porcelain multiple, 2002, numbered 2139/2300 on the reverse, published by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Diameter: 10 ¼ in. (260 mm.) $10,000
Flowers (F. & S. II.6)
offset lithograph in colors, 1964, on wove paper, signed and dated in ball-point pen, from the edition of approximately 300, published by Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, framed. $15,000
Pan (B. 518; M. 111)
lithograph, 1948, on Arches, signed in pencil, numbered 11/50 (there were also 5 artist’s proofs), framed. $10,000
PABLO PICASSO (1881–1973)
Portrait de Vollard I & III, from: La Suite Vollard
one aquatint and one etching, 1937, on Montval laid papers, watermarks Vollard and Picasso respectively, each signed in red crayon, from the edition of 250 (there was also an edition of fifty with wider margins), published by A. Vollard, Paris, 1939, the full sheets, deckle edges below, in very good condition, framed. GBP 9,375
Pablo Picasso, Les Saltimbanques, from Souvenirs d’un collectionneur (B. 855; M. 285) lithograph, 1958, on Arches, from the edition of 2000 (there was also a signed edition of 100), published by A.C. Mazo, Paris, with full margins, very pale light-staining, otherwise in good condition. GBP 480

Because the galleries & auction houses are still marketing to the existing art collecting population as the customer base, a group that is very limited in size and has owned a number of unique & multiple artworks, rather than expanding into the global population and let people know that they can spend $500 and buy an authentic artwork from Pablo Picasso.

FRES Edition

How can we grow the market, with the limitation of physical location and time when buying an artwork?

We shatter the limitation of physical location and time with blockchain, just like how Prints & Multiples redefined the definition of artwork.

It turns data into an artwork, because it comes from the artist.

What is FRES Edition:

FRES Edition Size:

Issue FRES Editions:

Add Value:


FRES Edition Exchange (FEE):

FRES Edition Physical Display Through 2D/3D Printing (*Proposed):

Currently people can only take photos with the museum masterpiece.
With FRES Edition, you can print your FRES Edition, display it in your physical space and be a proud part owner of a museum masterpiece on blockchain.

For Museums, Art Fairs, Artists & Beyond

Because people become more engaged if they have a stake in art, if they feel attached to art, rather than just being a spectator of art.


FRESCO is the world's first blockchain art asset network.

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