Odor Removal Resources: Eco-friendly Solution

Here at Fresh Aire Experts, we offer professional odor removal and anti-allergen systems for your home or office. We are odor elimination experts serving Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities community with an eco-friendly, affordable system.

We remove unpleasant smells caused by:

  • mold & mildew
  • pet odors
  • cigarette smoke
  • fire damage
  • fresh paint
  • new carpet
  • floods & more

Our gas vapor CLO2 system is safe for the environment and your loved ones. It’s also an affordable alternative to harsh chemicals and other ineffective odor-removing solutions.

Our services are available for residential and commercial properties, boats, RVs and cars.

Please visit our site to learn more about the entire odor elimination process: http://freshairesystems.com.