Œnone Retold

...a parsed rhapsody.

circa 1901, illustration to Tennyson’s 1829 poem, Œnone’ (source: Wikipedia)

After death,
remains the memoirs
and a desire to re-live it all, just for once!

First Narration

How peaceful mother Ida lies today,
I over her, under
the incessant pines and the ever stretching sky — 
blue and vacant.
Those cottages yonder
are rustic: unchanged, unaffected.

Behind me, far behind somewhere you might
take a glance o’er the reminiscences of the war,
the war that only I and that egg-born survived,
and just as she’s indifferent to it all, so am I.

I don’t turn back now, never; not to take so much
as a glance, nor will I narrate it again.
There are though times when I feel sad,
when I’m reminded of Paris by the winds,
they sway my locks — 
But I never feel lonely, never now.
Solitude my companion, never leaving back.
I think I heard someone calling,
down from the vale,
I’ll be returning soon, but don’t wait for,
don’t dear”