photo credit: BHD

Abecedarian Form for Pali Names

Aviija, not an aberrant affliction.
Born into samsara,
Children challenge citta.
Dukkha sets the bar higher. 
Every element embraces — 
Foundation of bhava
Gather gregarious generosity.
Harbinger of peace
Intercept inflamed irritation.
Jhana bring us stillness.
Khandas know this karunja.
Lokavidu inspire this life.
Metta marry with magga.
Nibbana is for everyone.
Opanayiko overcome obstacles.
Panna be here now,
Quiet the quick quarrels.
Rupa is not for grasping.
Sati a silent service.
Tipitaka is freedom for all,
Universal upekkha unfolding.
Vipassana deliver the insights,
Water the weary wanderers.
Xenial with your kamma.
Yourself a youthful yearning.
Zero points to dhamma…

This is the third in a series of poems I was inspired to write using Pali terms from the oldest extant writings of Buddhism. Here is the second in the series.