My First Abecedarian Poem!

Azure skies are today

blue and I’m in need of old

cabaret because I’m

depressed and melancholic I’m afraid

especially now that I’ve discovered I tend to

fidget a lot; I’ll probably

grab a drink or two and thereafter

hibernate till I recover my strength; I’ll probably make an

item for my day’s agenda

just maybe after sorting these items out, I would be

kicking and ready to go.

Lest I forget, I’ll also visit the

motherless babies’ home and

nurse me a kid or several

of course this is my primary obligation as a motherless myself, we will

play and have so much fun. After that I’ll visit a friend who is

quadriplegic. I will

remind her of the good old days. Yes! It’s a

sure thing that I’ll make her feel happy and

then she would laugh and cajole me after I reading her my irritating poems

ugh! I’ve really missed us taking walks and torturing poor Mrs.

Von de Trap with our silly games of mischief

We had always wanted to be rich; I wanted to be an Artist and she a


Yeah I guess she would never be able to do that again; life’s truly a


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