the Douse Blanket

a rainy poem (revision)

A wet and stormy beach between Egmond aan Zee and Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands

Maybe the thick cover painted
of a diffuse grey,
maybe a blanket
low altitude cloud;
may fog up the
be of the horizon.
Maybe the sky
grabs the land,
may no clear lines
be seen.
Maybe the constant dribble,
curtain of endless rain;
be a waterfall of misty dismay.
Maybe a chill on touch,
soaking through my skin;
may a cold slice be onto
the bone.
Maybe etched on thousand edges,
my spiked marram grass
remembrance maybe.
May I be gutted
by its toxin
May I be drowned
in douse
of grayish souse.

Thanks K.E. Kimball, Patrick Faller