You come


Afterwards, you kiss my ear,
Breathing red deserts against my
Cheek. Chapped lips sweep
Desiccated skin like sand from
Eyelids closed to your sun.
Fields of fertile clay give way to
Granite wastelands, the barren
Heart, rock solid and cooling to
Igneous memory. We lay down
Juxtaposed veneers of truth and
Knowing as human essence
Leaches into the sky, leaving a
Mineral mosaic in its wake.
Nuanced shadows flicker in palms
Outstretched, seeking oasis — I’m
Parched, and no nectar can
Quench my desire. Your call
Reverberates along the ridged
Spine and settles into desolate
Tessellations. Emptiness wanes
Under cavernous embraces and
Vast declarations of intent
Written on quivering flesh: 
XOXOXO. You sign with a flourish
Your name across my breast, falling
Zenith to nadir.

This poem is in response to a Fresh Darlings prompt.

Photo by skeeze (Pixabay)