Design Systems with Corkscrew

A little over two years ago we decided to create and open source a tool that would help us deliver a higher value to our clients and the community. This tool was ultimately called: Corkscrew.

Corkscrew is a tool we created for building and maintaining the blueprint and future for a product. At it’s core, it is a system for housing your coded style guide, and it can run in any environment.

Goals for the project

Our goal for Corkscrew is to offer the community and our clients an easy-to-use solution for quickly creating coded style guides. It was designed with ease of use in mind; it should get out of your way and help you create clear, helpful style guides to hand off to an implementation team or serve as a central reference point for UI patterns while being easy to maintain.

At its core it’s a communication tool (isn’t everything?), but style guides can also serve as application/site road maps for the future.

The Corkscrew interface at it’s default state.

Corkscrew Moving Forward

I’m a big believer in incremental changes, so it’s no surprise that Corkscrew grows in the same way. Over the past couple years we’ve been tweaking, adding features, and user testing the framework to make it the best it can be. We’ve had a lot of great feedback that has morphed itself into great features and workflows.

Corkscrew has a future of being more flexible, more customizable, and more helpful in helping plan the future of any project it is a part of.