Carma Launches Car Subscription Platform for Dealerships and OEMs

Over the last year, a new alternative to car ownership has arrived with vehicle subscriptions. Subscriptions typically offer a month-to-month access to a private vehicle with insurance and maintenance included for the monthly fee. The subscription model is especially appealing to luxury drivers who like access to a selection of vehicles, and with tech-savvy millennials who consider it as the right balance between ownership and ridesharing.

Carma Car is excited to launch the Carma Subscription Platform, an advanced car subscription management software for auto retailers, OEMs and fleet operators. The Carma Platform is a turnkey solution that allows auto dealerships to launch and operate their own car subscription offering to their customers. With Carma, auto dealerships can create a new, profitable business line by offering a mobility solution that customers love, while leveraging their unique advantages with established local presence and service departments.

The Carma subscription system consists all essential components for launching a car subscription service, including:

  • Branded mobile apps — beautiful and customizable mobile applications for customers
  • Connected telematics — plug and play vehicle telematics device integrated with the platform for mileage-based billing, security and usage restriction enforcement
  • Operations and logistics dashboard — an advanced backend software for managing reservations, logistics and vehicle maintenance
  • Integrated insurance offering — one of a kind insurance offering that is custom designed for subscriptions and integrated with the Carma platform
  • Multi-region and multi-dealer support — ready to support franchise dealers with multiple regions and locations with centralized oversight

Subscriptions are a unique opportunity for dealerships because they bring the mobility revolution to the local dealer. Unlike ridesharing and carsharing, which typically bypass retailers, subscriptions put the dealer at the center of the ecosystem. That’s why Carma is excited to make the Carma car subscription platform available for forward thinking partners that want to build a subscription business at their dealership.

Subscription customers interact often with their local dealerships, which increases opportunities for providing additional services, and increasing sales. The Carma Subscription Platform supports a number of car subscription business models that can target multiple customer segments. Carma has operated the subscription platform in multiple metropolitan areas, and offers dealer partners a guide on launching and marketing their subscription offering.

Carma Car, Inc. is a Techstars Mobility backed company that focuses on vehicle subscription products. Techstars Mobility, based in Detroit, MI, is the premiere startup accelerator in the auto industry, backed by Ford Motor Company, Honda, AAA, Siemens and Bosch. For additional information on the Carma Subscription Platform, please email



FreshCar is a leading provider of software for managing vehicle subscriptions. Learn more at (Previously Carma Car)

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