Why Car Subscriptions?

Ready or not, the subscription economy is spreading! What used to be a term relegated to your paper magazine or newspaper is now used for everything from your iPhone, what you wear, software on your computer, and now, what you drive. This can provide consumers with added flexibility and convenience, while also establishing a deeper relationship between the provider and the customer than point transactions can.

For many people, a car is the biggest purchase or commitment in life after a house. Just like a house, a car often requires financing, whether it’s a traditional 5 year loan or perhaps a 3 year lease. Due to the depreciating nature of a car, it can be difficult to sell or break a lease within the first few years without being under water relative to the value of the car.

Yes, people can ditch the car, maybe something akin to cutting the cord on cable companies. The rise of carsharing and ridesharing options is ultimately convenient with minimal hassles aside from having to wait. But outside of a few large metropolitan areas, where you can layer in theses services with abundant public transportation, it can get extremely cost prohibitive to rely on these services for all of your mobility needs.

So, for the 90% of households that still demand a full-time, personal vehicle, why can’t there be a solution that provides much of the flexibility and hassle-free experience of the shared economy while providing a reliable and familiar usage experience of a dedicated vehicle? That’s where Carma Car comes in with all-inclusive car subscriptions. We’re providing people with a personal vehicle on a month-to-month basis that is inclusive of insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Just add gas (don’t worry your car will come with a full tank!) and go!

Carma Car — Car subscriptions that include the car, insurance and maintenance

Traveling for a month? Return your car and be done with it, bon voyage! Need a bigger car for those summer road trips? We got it! Want all-wheel drive for the months of heading to the slopes? Nothing but fresh powder and bluebird skies for you my friend! Maximum utility, minimum headaches. Come see the future of car loanership.



FreshCar is a leading provider of software for managing vehicle subscriptions. Learn more at http://www.freshcar.com/platform (Previously Carma Car)

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