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Writer and documentary maker Jon Ronson returns for the second episode of his latest series of fascinating stories shedding light on the human condition.

In this programme, he looks at brainstorming and asks whether it really works.

He travels to Latvia to investigate the story of how media PR agency Inspired came up with a bizarre idea after a mobile phone company asked them for a concept to advertise their new tariff. Their brief was that it had to have a superhero theme. …

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There’s a typeface that has made a resurgence in the last couple of years. It’s appeared on hip hop album covers, food packaging, and advertising. Perhaps you know it from the Garfield comics, Tootsie Roll logo, or the Pet Sounds album cover by the Beach Boys. It’s called Cooper Black, and its popularity and ubiquity has never waned in the hundred years since it was first designed.

In the video above, Steven Heller and Bethany Heck tell the story of Cooper Black and deconstruct all the reasons it’s been pop culture’s favorite font for so long.

September 29, 2020

We’ve been working on multiple live projects for Tesla EMEA, having already completed 9 projects over the past year, including a new dealership in Belfast.

Tesla is a brand that is committed to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, something very close to our hearts and values at Fresh.

The projects we have undertaken reflect the progressive nature of Tesla and with our expertise and know-how, the dealerships were all delivered on time, on budget, and with precision.

You can read more about the details of our work with Tesla here.

Reflecting on moments that shaped his life, actor Ethan Hawke examines how courageous expression promotes healing and connection with one another — and invites you to discover your own unabashed creativity. “There is no path till you walk it,” he says.

Ikigai: A Japanese concept to improve work and life

The Japanese concept of Ikigai, meaning “a reason for being.” Do something at the intersection of:

  1. What you love.
  2. What you’re good at.
  3. What you can be paid for.
  4. What the world needs.

By Yukari Mitsuhashi

For Japanese workers in big cities, a typical work day begins with a state called sushi-zume, a term which likens commuters squeezed into a crowded train car to tightly packed grains of rice in sushi.

Essentially, ikigai is the reason why you get up in the morning

The stress doesn’t stop there. The country’s notorious work culture ensures most people put in long hours…

Audi drives further with EV push thanks to new e-tron GT teaser

German automaker Audi is seeking to distinguish itself as a leader in the increasingly crowded electric vehicle space through a short that shows how the sound of the e-tron GT was crafted.

Original story first publish on Luxury Daily by Ellen Kelleher

Audi engineers experimented with different sounds to find the perfect noise for the GT e-tron. Image credit: Audi

German automaker Audi is seeking to distinguish itself as a leader in the increasingly crowded electric vehicle space through a short that shows how the sound of the e-tron GT was crafted.

The new ad reflects on the importance of sound, both in general and to the e-tron GT, as EVs have a reputation for lacking powerful-sound engines…

Amazon announces luxury platform in latest push for fashion-forward affluents

This story was first published on Bloomberg By Isabelle Lee and Kim Bhasin

Amazon “Luxury Stores” in app Source:
Amazon Luxury Stores in-app. Source Inc. has launched a “Luxury Stores” platform in a bid to persuade upscale brands to sell their wares on the e-commerce giant’s marketplace.

Oscar de la Renta is the first and only brand so far, though the company says more are expected to join in the coming weeks.

The new shopping experience will be available on Amazon’s mobile application by invitation only to eligible Prime members. Customers can view products in 360-degree detail on different body types and skin tones. …


Fresh Network Member, JPDA, were engaged as Passive House Designers to oversee the renovation of an obsolete factory building in an industrial park in Katunayake, to create a new green product development centre that would be a model for high-performance buildings in the region. Working in collaboration with a talented team of local architects and engineers, an integrated design process and detailed energy modelling by Steven Winter Associates led to the development of a Passive House performance spec for the new facility. …


Architectural / interior design experts Fresh Design International shortlisted to the final three companies in the RSPCA Animal Centres of the Future competition curated by RIBA Competitions

With feedback from the judging panel praising the team at Fresh Simon Wardle, Managing Director, Fresh Design International in the UK said, “We are delighted to have been shortlisted in this competition. The brief really resonated with the team and has given us the opportunity to design accommodation that would help improve the welfare of the animals and the comfort of the teams that dedicate themselves to caring for them. Something truly worthwhile”


VR & AR — provide a huge differentiation opportunity for retail

While virtual reality (VR) is not a new technology until recently it has been mostly the domain of the film and gaming industry. However, recent advancements with its user interface has made it much more accessible for other industries and especially desirable for retailers and marketers looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate and improve the customer experience. Augmented Reality (AR) on the other hand is not such a newcomer. It has spent the last decade securing its place within the retail industry. The ability ‘augment’ the real…


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