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Top business publications continue to write about the value of design in the innovative process. We’ve curated a list of articles from Forbes, Inc, Fortune, and more that highlight their perspective on innovation in an ever changing market.

Why Design Is the Best Bottom-Line Strategy

Inc. shares what’s happening in tech by doing a Q&A with John Maeda after he released the 2017 Design in Tech Report.

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How Business Design Thinking Can Drive Greater ROI

Silicon Valley Business Journal discusses the growing body of evidence that links design integration throughout a business and greater ROI’s, employee/customer satisfaction, and differentiated products and services.

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Why Design Thinking Matters in Business Now More Than Ever

Fortune relays essential moments from Singapore Design Week that illustrate the pervasiveness of design throughout different industries.

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How Intuit Used Design Thinking To Boost Sales By $10M In A Year

Design Co. by Fast Company discusses how Intuit has become a leader in embracing design at all levels of an organization, but it wasn’t easy getting there. See how Intuit used Design Thinking to boost sales by $10M in a year.

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Design Thinking: Your Next Competitive Advantage

Forbes highlights a case study from IBM and lists five reasons why big industry leaders are betting big on leading with design.

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Originally published at on November 30, 2017.