Meet the Student Investors

Nitzan Adler
Dec 21, 2016 · 9 min read

Selecting a 16-person investor committee from nearly 100 student applicants was a humbling experience. Our applicants — an impressive and diverse range of students inspired by’s radical mission — were PhD and MBA students, artists and scientists, women and men, and all deeply committed to growing Israel’s culture of innovation and creativity. The caliber of applicants confirm our intuition: Jerusalem’s students are an untapped pool of talent.

We received 85 applications, conducted 50 interviews, and accepted 16 students for the student investor committee.


We aimed for gender parity, and our all-star team reflects that: Nine men and seven women comprise our investor committee.

Areas of study:

Our team needed a diverse skill-set. We formed a heterogeneous group of students that consists of students from various areas of study: Business, Economics, Computer Science, Law, Industrial Design, PPE (The Hebrew University’s prestigious program combining Philosophy, Economics and Political Science). Our team even includes one Neurobiology PhD student.

Academic Institutions:

Our students are the ambassadors on campus. We wanted to represent a wide range of academic institutions in Jerusalem.

Without further ado…. We are very excited to introduce the 16 partners on the student investor committee!

1. Yoav Anaki, Law @ Hebrew University.

Yoav is one of the people behind Yala ( and generally a curious guy. He’s written articles for Venturebeat, Geektime, and, most importantly, the Yala blog. As a side project enthusiast, his failures far outnumber his triumphs, but he tries to enjoy both all the same. Yoav takes pleasure in reading, surveying his collection of Indian jokes and writing about himself in the third person // Email:

2. Basel Sader, Law @ Hebrew University

A native of Jerusalem, Basel Sader is currently a 3rd year Law student in the Hebrew University. He is interested in both social entrepreneurship and the high-tech industry. Having worked on several projects, one of which is Azmeh, the “waze of checkpoints”, he is passionate about solving problems, sometimes just for the fun of it. // Email:

3. Bar Ben Yaacov, Philosophy, Economics and Political Science @ Hebrew University

After four years as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ special operations unit, Bar became “addicted” to greater causes. This addiction is what led her to become an Emissary for the Jewish Agency in Paris, France, and later on to pursue her B.A. in the integrative PPE program (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) at Hebrew University.

Bar works part time as a policy advisor for international affairs at the Chief Economist department, Ministry of Finance. She also volunteers as an inspirational speaker for the Jewish Agency, as well as a Student Ambassador, representing Hebrew University in North America. // Email:

4. Anat Carmel, Philosophy, Economics and Political Science @ Hebrew University

Anat Carmel studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Hebrew University (PPE). She is an Innovation Specialist at the Economic Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she utilizes diplomacy to promote local innovation and taps innovation to strengthen diplomatic relations.

Previously, as a fellow at Progressive Economists, she developed a new economic model for Tipat Halav (Israel’s Family Health Care Centers, Ministry of Health). Anat has lead multiple teams to create social ventures, in Israel, the Netherlands, Spain and Finland. She attended the Mahindra United World College of India (UWC), where she lead a Community Development team to successfully establish several public libraries and water filtration systems. // Email:

5. Adar Aqua, Philosophy, Economics and Political Science @ Hebrew University

Adar Aqua was born and raised in Jerusalem, apart from a two years in Tel Aviv, she remained loyal to the city. Adar served as a Human Resources Officer, she served in many different positions, including personnel of the Bazelat Battalion HR and manager of Shaldag HR Office.

After seven years of service in the IDF, Adar decided to break free and take a new path. Today Adar is studying Philosophy, Economics and Political Science at the Hebrew University. In her spare time she tries to travel as much as possible, in Israel and abroad, and to learn about new cultures and people. // Email:

6. Noam Modai, Economy and Statistics @ Hebrew University

Noam is a 2nd year Economy and Statistics student. In his army service, he served in the IDF Intelligence as a cyber-oriented data-analysis team leader. Later on, Noam worked as a versatile data-analyst in the cyber, banking and fraud detection industries. Using his experience, Noam has developed a data-driven approach, nonetheless he tries to remind himself every now and then not to neglect the real-world common sense. // Email:

7. Danielle Holtz, Business Administration & Italian Studies @ Hebrew University

Danielle was an early employee at OurCrowd, where for 3 years she did a little bit of everything but mostly IR and Marketing. Danielle also managed the company’s back office, website and investment systems during its earlier stages. Danielle is currently completing her B.A. of Business Administration & Romance-Italian Studies at the Hebrew University. In 2012 Danielle attended the Universita` Di Perugia where she studied Italian. During her IDF service, Danielle was an NCO responsible for 200 soldiers in the Nativ Program. Danielle is one of 6 kids, a native English and Hebrew speaker, and is fluent in Italian. Danielle is a 15yr (and counting) Beyonce fan, she recently fulfilled a decade-long dream of attending Beyonce’s concert in Barcelona. // Email:

8. Tahel Garion, Business Administration and China studies @ Hebrew University

Tahel is a student in the Hebrew University, studying for a bachelor degree in Business Administration and China studies. As part of her studies, she learns Chinese, which is her fifth language. She works in the Asia-Pacific department in the Foreign Trade Administration, in the Ministry of Economy, and most of her work is focused on South-Korea and Australia, aiming to increase Israeli exports and works with the industry in Israel and abroad.

Tahel is a UWC graduate, a movement that uses education as a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. She studied the last two years of highschool in Bosnia and Herzegovina. // Email:

9. Hodaya Leibovich, PHD in the Neurobiology Fields & MB Business Management @ Hebrew University

Hodaya is a PhD student in the neurobiology fields, and is also in the process of getting her MBA at the Hebrew University. In between, Hodaya is trying to make some good by volunteering at Shachen Tov- “Good Neighbor”.

Hodaya is very curious about almost everything and happy to meet new people. In her free time she likes making pottery goods, and playing throw-ball. team. // Email:

10. Rotem Shaltiel, Computer Science @ Hadassah Academic College.

Rotem Shaltiel is a computer science student at Hadassah academic college. He is a DevOps engineer with working knowledge in cloud based data systems.

Rotem is currently working in a Jerusalem based enterprise software startup (DBS-H). He is an active member of the Jerusalem startup ecosystem since 2012. // Email:

11. Aviad Houminer, Economics and Political Science @ The Open University

Aviad Houminer, Student of Economics and Political Science at the Open University in Israel. He is a co-founder and entrepreneur of various initiatives to promote social goals through technological means. The latest: Tlooshy, a social startup that develops technological tools to promote awareness to workers׳ rights. Tlooshy already helped thousands of disadvantaged workers to save over 100,000 ₪.

Aviad is also the founder of B’eketa Tov, a platform that helps to raise money for social purposes. Recently he founded a cooperative that gives new media services to small businesses and NGO’s. // Email:

12. Bryna Copperman, Business Administration @ Lev Academic Center

Bryna Copperman, 25 years old, is married to Yitzchak. She was born in Jerusalem and plans to stay.

She went to “Machon Beit Ya’akov Le’Morot” for high school, than studied in the Wingate institute: fitness, aerobics, pilates and more. She currently works as a Gym teacher, fitness instructor, and a personal trainer for Haredi Women.

Three years ago Bryna launched her own business — an exercise studio for Haredi women and young girls. Her studio is called: “ להאמין, להתאמן, להצליח”. “to believe, to train, to succeed” — and that is her motto in life.

She’s also a third year student for business in “Lev academic center” and… a dancer, just for the fun of it. // Email:

13. Gad Keter, Industrial Design @ Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Gad is a 2nd year student for Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. He is an alumni​​ and former manager of the Unistream Center — an entrepreneurship program for youth. During the program the participants established startups while mentored by entrepreneurs and businessmen. In addition, Gad takes part in the Bronfman Fellows Alumni Program. // Email:

14. Omer Chananel, Liberal Arts @ Shalem College.

Omer has recently started his third year at Shalem College, the first Israeli liberal arts college. In addition, he works as a product support associate at Auto Lead Star, a local Automotive industry start-up.

Omer participated in different programs such as: Ein Prat seminar, HaShomer HaChadash and a year of service at JVP Ba’Kehila. In his military service, Omer was stationed at the Gaza Strip division HQ under the artillery department.

In his free time Omer likes to watch tv series and movies, read books and go to concerts. His moto: Don’t leave home without a notebook and a pencil. // Email:

15. Daniel Keyes, Electrical and Computer Engineering @ Hebrew University

Daniel is currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Hebrew University, with a minor in over-caffeination. Prior to that, Keyes served in an elite IDF intelligence unit developing next generation technology. He is inspired by innovative technological solutions so simple that even his Mom can understand them. Daniel is a strong believer in the effect behavioral economics has on market trends.

He is passionate about understanding the underlying factors and cognitive biases that govern how we think, act and buy. If a conversation with Keyes goes without the mention of Professor Kahneman, kindly let him know. // Email:

16. Tal Rota, Computer Science @ Hebrew University

Tal Rota is a student for Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tal is one of the HUJI Hackathon Staff; the first student organized hackathon in Jerusalem, and lately led the JDC Social Impact Hackathon. Tal is an active member of the CSE Student Council and representative at the Givat Ram Student Union. Previous to the Jerusalem era Tal spent 6 years in service as an Intelligence Officer in 8200 unit mainly as a Product manager in the units HQ . Tal loves music (playing and listening), culinary (cooking, eating and drinking) and Useless facts in all aspects of life. // Email:

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