Georgi Musev

A photo of Georgi Musev
Georgi Musev relaxing on campus

When Georgi Musev was three, he was adopted. Today he is thankful to his parents for raising him and shaping him into the person he is now. “I was adopted 16 years ago and I wouldn’t be here if my parents didn’t take me 16 years ago,” says Georgi. “They showed me what is unconditional love, nerves, everything to be the person who I am. From their parenting I learned how to be a good person.”

Georgi likes helping people in need and has donated blood several times already. “I also donate money, clothes, and books to different charities even before going to university,” says Georgi. He intends to have his own foundation one day to reach more people and motivate others to help each other.

“I know that I can make a difference,” says Georgi.

When Georgi was five, his parents brought him for the first time to the swimming club. Since then he says he has always been active. He is still swimming today. He is also a track and field runner, has trained karate and enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. Georgi believes that doing sports helps him much more than just keep him in shape. “When I run or swim I feel my problems go away, and I feel free,” Georgi says.

Georgi shares that he likes to observe and learn from other athletes. The biggest lesson he has learned is from his track and field coach when he felt pain in his legs and wanted to give up running. “It’s all in your mind,” Georgi says. “If you tell yourself that you cannot go anymore you just give up but if you try and say I can do it you will do it.” Georgi has won a bronze medal in the national climbing competition some years ago. He also has some medals in swimming and athletics.

But Georgi considers what he did in February this year as the achievement he is most proud of. He decided to reveal to everyone that he is gay. “I came out of the closet, literally. I’ve been hiding there for 10 years to protect myself from the community.” Georgi believes that every individual should have a chance in life regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, or skin color. This crucial moment also contributed to Georgi’s goal to help other people. “I want to motivate people to be themselves, to feel confident in the world and to be who they want to be,” Georgi says.

Georgi wanted to study abroad but during the Open House event, he got impressed by AUBG. “I was amazed by the community here and how modern the university is.” The tracking field in the Sports Hall also contributed to his choice to study in Bulgaria. “The tracking field was one of my main points of applying to AUBG,” laughs Georgi. He says the situation with the COVID pandemic makes him lonely sometimes. “Zoom meetings feel like I’m watching some movie,” admits Georgi. “And I miss the human interaction.”


Veselin Metodiev is a Computer Science student at the American University of Bulgaria who is also a Journalism enthusiast. From this interview, he rediscovered his curiosity for other people.



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