Benefits of Flourless Cakes!

It’s trending, it’s quick and it’s really tasty! Flourless cakes are the dish-next-door. These scrumptious addition to the food revolution wasn’t a long time ago. So what are these rich cakes made of after all? Lots of butter, chocolate, cream, eggs and sugar, these are the basic ingredients which differ from recipe-to-recipe. Many make these flourless cakes in a mug which has given every mid-night snack a run for it’s money. Think about it, would you spend your time prepping your kitchen for a sandwich which is generally made out of some not-so-delicious leftovers or rather whip up a quick, easy, under 5 ingredients dessert? Answer is quiet simple.

Today, going flour-free or gluten-free is a health trend that is reaching gigantic stage and has also become a necessity. Let’s also get some basics right about this decadent cake.

- When you cook with a flour-free cake it doesn’t mean all flour are off-limits. You can try the delicious almond flour which is super rich and filled with protein.

- You can cook up this delicious cake with a variety of new additions like sweet rice flour. Yes, it is unusual but it is yummy and worth it.

- Give this delish a makover with an addition of fruits. Yes, this delight is a true winner with a blend of fruits.

Order our delicious flourless cake which is here to leave you happy and satisfied till the last bite.

Flourless Chocolate Cake