Best Foodie Friend (BFF) Contest is Here!

Munch crunch om nom nom..Does your friendship with a foodie sound a lot similar to that? Cracking those inside jokes after a lovely foodgasm and greasy burp is just so satisfying. You know when you’re around that friend you will always be hungry yet always feel stuffed. Parties don’t excite them more than delicious food adventures around the city. If you have a friend who is a complete foodie, then do not miss this golden opportunity crafted especially for this Friendships Day! A day solely to celebrate the bond of love which surpasses all. A day dedicated to those friends who have made every eating experience unique, fun and sinfully tasty!


Share a photo with your Best Foodie Friend who swears to believe food is the epitome of love and tell us why he/she deserve to be called so. The best entry wins a special voucher which will bring in your friendships day on a lip-smacking note! You can post this photo on our comments section below or mail us your entry at

*Contest closes on 5th August, hurry up!

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