Drum-rolls for Delhi’s Chefs for a Day!

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we had ‘Chef for a Day’ winners Tanaya and Anuj joining us at our Saket kitchen in Gurgaon. It was their first experience of cooking in a commercial kitchen but to everyone’s surprise the unfamiliarity of the kitchen was pleasantly welcomed by the two with the end goal of preparing two mouthwatering dishes.


The afternoon began with our culinary team introducing them to all the equipment and the ingredients post which they proceeded with the preparation of their dishes. While prepping, they were kind and extremely enthusiastic to share a little bit about themselves and their inspiration for food.


Anuj currently works as a Product Manager which hasn’t stopped him from being a food enthusiast. His latent passion for cooking began during his solo stint in Bangalore. Initially he started off with some classic north Indian and frontier cuisine dishes but as time passed, he moved into experimentation with gourmet food as well. At home his inspiration comes from cooking for the love of food and his wife. It is his enthusiasm for food that made him try FreshMenu. He is a big fan of the Slices of Heaven Pizzas from the FreshMenu kitchens.


Tanaya on the other hand belongs to Delhi and has spent most of her time in Delhi/NCR itself. She loves everything about food for as long as she can remember and has recently moved out of her corporate life in order to pursue her passion for food. Post marriage she has relocated to Gurgaon from Delhi. She orders FreshMenu frequently and loves what we have to offer especially the desserts.


As we began the session, Anuj cooked first and prepared some lip-smacking potato skinned pizzas. Drool-worthy!


Post Anuj, we had Tanaya cooking some lovely Layered Vegetable Rolls. Don’t they look enticing?

The best part of the day was getting to taste the mouth watering preparations (it was sinful). We enjoyed having them over and letting us be a part of their culinary expedition and we hope to see them around sometime soon. After all that is what makes food a soul satisfying adventure- sharing it with others.