Exotic Gourmet Seafood from Around the World

Gourmet food is such a luxurious indulgence with its high-quality premium options, this field of food automatically becomes a niche brand in itself. Gourmet food is drastically catching up with the regular foods which are definitely giving a run for their money.

When you think seafood you think of how expensive it is, though high on protein and omega 3, this meat is a luxury. Gourmet seafood on the other hand is one of the most sort out option and global in the perspective that a particular meat is available only in one coast. But as it is said no one know seafood better than the Asians (perks of surrounded with water bodies) from frying star-fish on a stick to eating raw sea scorpions their options are thrilling and limitless. Some of the best gourmet seafood around the world which are worth trying atleast once

  1. Seafood Paella from Spain is filled with exotic and warm flavours and of course seafood variety like prawns, mussels and fish all in one wholesome pot, what makes this beautiful dish gourmet is its choice of meat and spices.
  1. Seafood Chowder from North America is ideally the usage of minced seafood meat which makes the entire dish more of a soupy delicacy and a complete flavoursome stew in itself. You can add the extra crunchy to this yummy dish by topping with crunchy seeds or roasted almonds.
  2. Prawn/Shrimp Laksa Bowl from Malaysia is nothing but comfort food straight reaching the roots. This indulgence comes with coconut-based curry with aromatic herbs and lots of tender meat like prawns and fish (sometimes topped with crispy calamari to give an extra punch of crunch)
  1. Thai Fish Cakes from Thailand clubbed with a number of options the choice of fish is the trickiest this dish comes with Basa. Baked and fried to perfection this dish comes for a great finger food option as well as a filling one.
  2. Tuna Sushi from Japan is one dish you should get your hands on, this delicious dish in rolled into a meaty and hearty affair that will lift your taste buds on a higher note.
  3. Fish Curry from India packed with blooming aromas and mouth-watering flavours this dish will make you reminisce your childhood memories. This curry is filled with spices, fresh fish (sometimes shrimps and calamari) lots of flavours and cooked for good amount of time! What more does this dish even need?

We love how global gourmet food isn’t far away from us be it being available at a high-end restaurant or a gourmet store such foods transport us to another country and their traditions all in one bite. #foodweareravingabout #makefoodnotwar

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