Nothing beats the classics!

We indulge in a variety of good food, some with astounding punch of flavours and some with simple yet impactful flavours. We are constantly trying to recreate or substitute our classics with exciting variations, be it using steamed rice to mashed potatoes or ginger to galangal, mix and match has been the core of our culinary world.

Essentially we follow a classic dish the way it is and not really hamper with the flavours, solely to achieve the dish as mouth-watering and authentic as possible. We invariably follow the cooking method as well with all the heart just to get it right (even it is a long process). Budding flavours from these simple and electrifying dishes has been the foundation of our food culture. Every time we indulge in these yummy dishes we are taken back to our childhood memories where we go out, play and on returning home we smell the aroma of the delicious food lighting up the room and the joy to be indulging in the good old mama’s food.

Today we are loving the flavours taken from the old cook books and bringing it right at your door-step, the Chermoula mix (herbs, oil, lemon juice, pickled lemons, garlic, cumin, and salt) from the Moroccan cuisine is one of the oldest spice mix recipe which has been a hit and also brings in the right flavours in a juicy meat (as this is used widely as a marinade).

Chermoula Chicken Steak — This exciting dish comes with grilled chicken steak flavoured with cumin, coriander and parsley (Chermoula sauce). Served with herb rice, grilled veggies and tomato paprika sauce.

_50B3314_Chermoula Chicken Steak (Non Veg)
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