Delivering Customer Experiences — Codup with Freshworks was co-founded by Asim Bawany, a Textile Engineer with a passion for building software solutions, and Adam Bawany, a Media Arts graduate with a natural aptitude for project management. We started as a marketing agency, and now deliver Custom Software Development services turning customers’ needs into vital solutions. Through this journey, we gained hands-on experience in core app development and Custom API integrations with the Freshworks product suite.

Solving Challenges

Codup has helped develop custom apps that automate support workflows in complex scenarios, such as handling several SLA policies for varied departments and clients and real-time routing of support tickets.

We have also developed expertise in integrating the Freshworks product suite with API driven SMS solutions, chief among which is Twilio and other messaging tools like Whatsapp and Messenger. With these solutions, customers can quickly resolve issues in real-time, all from the same interface.

Becoming a Freshworks Partner

In partnering with Freshworks, we saw a fast-growing market with lots of opportunity for growth. Also, with our flair in app development, joining the Freshworks solution partner program created a reliable revenue stream enabling us to train and expand our teams for more projects. Within a year of our partnership with Freshworks, our revenue grew from zero to $25,000 making this a profitable venture and forecasting continued exponential growth.

Also, the powerful capabilities of the Freshworks platform allowed us to quickly create several apps which can trigger custom functionalities as part of regular workflows in Freshdesk and Freshchat.

Wins from Codup + Freshworks partnership

Building Solutions

Most of our work involves integrating the Freshworks suite of products with SMS gateways. In addition, we have worked on the following projects for key Freshworks Freshworks customers.

  1. Real estate master developer — Developed an app to configure complex rules that auto-assign tickets to groups based on keywords.
  2. British luxury online retail store — Built an app that allows agents to set up group-level SLA policies and manage them with the help of logs and notifications in case of breaches.
  3. Internet and VOIP Telephone services provider — Delivered a seamless integration so that agents can provide real-time support over Freshchat while their customers are able to respond via SMS.
Set up SLA policies for an online retail store.
Set up SLA policies for an online retail store.

Sailing through App Development

For all our public or private integrations, working with the Freshworks team has been phenomenal. There was always clear intent in moving the project toward the finish line and developer support was available when required. Also, the Freshworks team facilitated developing new features in the FDK and platform enabling us to deliver custom apps without delays.

The Twilio app was our first app in the ecosystem that the platform team helped us with. The team got our developers to speed with a partner webinar and the final code review enabled us to internalize requisite coding standards and best practices.

Future with Freshworks

Partnering with Freshworks has enabled us to deliver custom projects of great value. In addition to working on key custom development projects, we are collaborating with the team to bring more apps to the Freshworks Marketplace.

Sneak peak of the Twilio plus app.

Codup doesn’t plan to stop there. With the upcoming Twilio Plus app, we will be able to provide agents with an interface to facilitate communication with customers via SMS right from the Ticket Details page. With the growing demand for new capabilities and extensive integrations with other services and tools, we believe developing apps for Freshworks is incredibly rewarding.

Stay tuned for the release of the Twilio plus app!

Thanks Asim for sharing this! Visit the Freshworks developer portal or reach us at on questions related to the platform and Freshworks marketplace.




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Asim Bawany

Founder and Partner at, Asim built his career as well as business around understanding problems and solving them creatively.

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