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Sep 12, 2018 · 3 min read

A recent study in 2018 by Gartner identifies better “managing customer information” as one of the top three priorities for customer service and ChargeDesk excels in helping companies manage their customer payments.

ChargeDesk is a billing tool that enables customer support agents to manage customer payments. It allows support agents to view payment histories, perform refunds, and edit subscriptions in Freshworks thereby improving “time to resolution” — the number one metric that matters most for customer support teams.

Customer challenge addressed

ChargeDesk was created as it was hard to match customer support requests to their payments. We spent hours going back and forth with customers, juggling multiple systems trying to resolve payment questions. It was frustrating for us and our customers that billing support would take so long!

To address this, we set out to build an amazing billing tool for customer support agents. In order to create this tool, we needed in-depth integrations into the service a company is using for customer support. We had seen significant demand from our clients to add support for Freshdesk. In fact, it was by far our most requested integration.

ChargeDesk gives you access to your PayPal, Stripe, WePay, Recurly, Zuora, and Braintree data inside Freshdesk.

Manage payments inside Freshdesk, refund payments and manage subscriptions.

Building on the Freshworks platform

The Freshworks development toolkit available from Freshworks is actually quite unique and powerful. It allows local applications to run directly from a development machine against the live Freshworks environment. This means that development time is incredibly rapid. There’s no need to upload new versions of an application to test it, which can be incredibly time-consuming. With Freshworks, development applications update in real time.

We are very selective about the platforms we choose to work with. Any platform we support requires initial development time as well as an ongoing commitment to maintain the application.

We vetted the Freshworks Platform extensively before we choose to build apps for it. We were really pleased with how simple and flexible the platform was. It required very little work to integrate with our existing application framework.

Deploying a live application to Freshworks Platform also means access to Freshworks Marketplace. The marketplace is a fantastic customer acquisition tool and puts our apps directly to potential customers across the globe at a time when they’re likely to use our solution.

How did Freshworks help?

Before we built an app for Freshworks Platform, we had a third-party integration with Freshdesk using a Chrome extension. While this integration was functional, it required every support agent to install a separate extension on every computer they used. This led to poor adoption and conversions from Freshworks customers.

Working with the Freshworks team, we were able to modify our existing app framework to create an app for the Freshdesk Platform in less than a week. The QA review from the Freshworks team was really useful in catching a few remaining issues before the app was made live.

With the most recent transition to the Mint UI, the Freshworks team was also incredibly helpful. We needed an API in the Mint UI which was not initially available to make our app function well. The Freshworks Engineering team worked with us to implement this API. We were given clear communication about timelines and kept in the loop to give feedback as the API was developed and deployed. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Value-driven results

After launching our native Freshworks apps, we saw a 15x increase in conversion rates resulting in a 20% increase in application revenue for the entire company in the 6 months following our app’s release. Our next goal is to add new apps with supporting additional payment gateways integrations with all Freshworks products.

Thanks James! Visit the Freshworks developer portal or reach us at marketplace@freshworks.com on questions related to the platform and Freshworks marketplace.

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Freshworks Developer Platform Blog

The official Freshworks Developer Platform Blog. We cover platform updates, developer showcases, tutorials, how-tos and much more

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