AWS AI/ML Immersion Day (Central Valley)

11/18/2019 Hosted by Amazon Web Services and Fresno State Hub of Digital Transformation

Machine learning is still in its evolutionary stage with much of the progress coming from research on innovative algorithms, better data collection and preparation methods, and newer techniques such as reinforcement learning. Until recently, lack of access to the latest compute, storage, and networking has been a blocker for ML research. This day will help you understand how to leverage AWS AI and machine learning (AI/ML) services for research and to build innovative, student-centric, scalable solutions in the cloud. The AWS team will present a series of sessions on examples of AI and machine learning in education and research, provide an overview of AI/ML capabilities, and demo some AI/ML-powered applications.

This AWS AI/ML Immersion Day is designed for faculty, students, researchers, data scientists, IT professionals, data engineers, developers, and innovators interested in gaining experience on AWS AI Services.

* Space is limited — register today to secure your spot **


Fresno State Faculty — please contact Max Tsai (8–4180) for RSVP.

10:00–10:30 Coffee & Networking
Registration, coffee and networking

10:30–12:00 AWS AI and Machine Learning Services for Researchers

  • What AI/ML Services are available from AWS?
  • When to use Cloud (vs. a computer with lots of GPU)
  • Using AWS tools in combination with other commonly used data science and ML tools for research (e.g. MATLAB and Simulink)
  • Cost Model and Estimation (how to incorporate into grant proposal and classes)

12:00–13:00 Lunch & Chat with the AWS Team

13:00–14:00 Introduction to AWS AI/ML Services

14:00–14:15 Break: Job/Research opportunities at AWS or applying AWS skills in the future career — Amazon Web Services

14:30–15:30 Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly at any scale. SageMaker takes away the heavy lifting of machine learning, removing the typical barriers associated with machine learning. In this session, the AWS team will dive deep into the technical details of each of the modules of Amazon SageMaker which showcases the capabilities of the platform. Learn from the practical deployments of Amazon SageMaker through real-world customer examples.

15:30–15:45 Break: Current State of AI Research at Fresno State — Computer Science

15:45- 17:00 AWS Vision and Language AI Services– Demos and Application Examples

In this session the AWS team will demonstrate AWS AI services and AI-powered solutions for solving real world problems, and answer questions about how students and researchers can apply these tools in their work. Topics include:

  • Recognition which makes it easy to add AI-powered image and video analysis to your applications.
  • Textract for extracting text and data from scanned documents
  • Comprehend for natural language processing
  • Transcribe for converting speech to text
  • Translate for neural machine translation


Alice Peters Auditorium (PB 191)
University Business Center, Fresno State
5245 N. Backer Ave M/S PB5, Fresno, CA 93740


Joe Pringle

Joe Pringle is a Technical Business Development Manager at AWS supporting education customers in their adoption and use of AI and machine learning. Joe’s passion is helping customers unlock new insights and value from data, and he brings 20 years of experience working with public sector organizations in government, the non-profit sector, and academia.

Varun Pole

Varun Pole has seven years of experience in cloud computing technology. He holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Varun joined AWS in 2013 as a Support and Network Engineer and currently works as an AWS Solutions Architect where he collaborates and helps customers in Higher Education accelerate adoption of cloud computing.

Hosted by

Hub of Digital Transformation | @fresnostatedx

Please contact Max Tsai ( or 5592784180
for additional information or Questions



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