Fresno State — Day of Giving 2019

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today is an exciting day — November 7 marks Fresno State’s 3rd annual Day of Giving. Generous gifts from supporters like you go directly toward support for our students.

This year, Fresno State Technology Services has a formal fund that supports technology innovation efforts that will directly support student experiences within areas of digital transformation. For example, this past year, the students in the Fresno State Hub for Digital Transformation engaged in projects involving Blockchain, Amazon Robotics, and Chat/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with Amazon’s Alexa. Students who have spent time in our Innovation team, along with their great Fresno State college education, have gained valuable experience for the digital workplace, and some have gone on to great full-time jobs in the tech industry. The vision for the Hub for Digital Transformation is to provide students with cutting-edge technology innovation experiences that can help them become more empowered, technology-minded leaders in the Central Valley and beyond, ultimately supporting a culture of innovation and transformation starting at Fresno State and spreading throughout the Central Valley and beyond.

Please consider a gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to help us provide more of these types of technology innovation experiences for our students.


Please also consider supporting some of the other great initiatives and campaigns at Fresno State, located at the bottom of the Day of Giving webpage.






DXI strives to inspire students to apply their education toward developing innovative solutions to real-world problems using the best and latest technologies to ensure that Fresno State and our partners, throughout the Central Valley, can perform at the highest level.

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“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.”

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