Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation

Fall 2019 Updates / Released for #FresnoStateDOG 2019

@FresnoStateDX #WeAreInnvoationTechnology

I. Recent Press Releases

Day of Giving 2019 — Highlights of Innovation Interns

Fresno State builds an autonomous Bulldog Bot with AWS RoboMaker

A look at how Arizona State, Fresno State are using blockchain

Fresno State launches Cal State Ready Project

Students host third HackFresno collegiate hackathon

II. Innovation Journey

The vision for the Hub for Digital Transformation is to provide students with emerging technology and creative innovation experiences that can help them become more empowered, technology-minded leaders in the Central Valley and beyond, ultimately supporting a culture of innovation and transformation starting at Fresno State and spreading throughout the Central Valley and beyond.

III. Current State: Digital Transformation and Innovation Initiatives

The Hub supports Fresno State’s mission to boldly educate and empower students for success by providing innovative tools and technologies that support opportunities for students to lead projects and work collaboratively. The proposed Hub will equip our students with essential skills necessary for their careers beyond graduation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for research and innovation

Digital Agriculture Solution Hub (DASH) for Research Platform

AI — Robotics Autonomous

About the project:

Project Ignite



DXI strives to inspire students to apply their education toward developing innovative solutions to real-world problems using the best and latest technologies to ensure that Fresno State and our partners, throughout the Central Valley, can perform at the highest level.

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“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.”