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2 min readJan 19, 2021


Project-based Learning Opportunity for CSCI152

The Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Technology Services is looking for volunteer students who are interested in exploring immersive technology in the area of HCI/UX development to join our interdisciplinary innovation intern team. This is a great Learn-by-Doing opportunity to apply your Software Engineering experience to real world projects.

The selected incumbents will participate in the development of a NEW Fresno State XR platform Hubs/XR at Fresno State:

and interactive Virtual Environments, such as EES Research Lab — MCLANE, ROOM 294


  • comfortable with javascript (typescript is a plus)
  • understanding of frontend web development technologies (html, css, javascript) and how they relate
  • experience with React, a Plus
  • experience calling an api using asynchronous programming
  • version control using git
  • experience with javascript animation frameworks such as anime.js, a Plus

Bonus: An opportunity to join our DX innovation team as a Project-based (paid) student internship in Fall 2021.

This is a Project-based Learning opportunity offered by Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation in partnership with Computer Science at Fresno State. Please contact Dr. Alex Liu, Chair of Computer Science, if you are interested in participation and how to integrate the project into your class work.

For more information, please contact Max Tsai ( ), Innovation Architect and Coordinator of Digital Transformation.

The Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation (DXIHub) support Innovation, Research and Development at Fresno State.

DXIHub strives to inspire students to apply their education toward developing innovative solutions to real-world problems using the best and latest technologies to ensure that Fresno State and community partners throughout the Central Valley can perform at the highest level.



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