Mobile First Student Experience

The Mobile Student Intranet is designed to deliver mobile-first engagement across the Student Life Cycle. With our Student Experience-Based Dynamic Content Strategy, students stay informed whenever and wherever via the devices of their choice, including wearables.

The Dynamic Content Strategy employs the concept of hybrid information “buckets” ( designed around hierarchy and priority, as well as a student’s current phase within the Student Life Cycle, allowing for a highly customized experience combining information a student both needs and wants.

The proposed framework for the Mobile Student Intranet ( is designed to distribute digital information relevant to students. This Communication Hub is the place to publish and consume content of all sorts, i.e. integration of SIS, LMS, and event systems. Based on the core Information Object Model (rules — metadata and behaviors — tags), a Rule based engine (AI) is designed to facilitate persona-based (needs) and individualized (wants) information.

The technology stack initially includes React Native, a cloud-based back-end (i.e. AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway), Qualtrics, and Google Analytics.

This concept is scalable to support the global university experience.




DXI strives to inspire students to apply their education toward developing innovative solutions to real-world problems using the best and latest technologies to ensure that Fresno State and our partners, throughout the Central Valley, can perform at the highest level.

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