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My top 3 experiences in Livity

So on 26th February 2017 I finished my 3 month ‘Creative in Residence’ program with Livity. Coming from a full time role as a UX/UI Designer I started this program in hopes to launch a freelance career and these are my top 3 experiences from Livity.

That dope zen

If you’ve ever been to Livity’s office you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. From the moment I first walked into their office and I heard ‘Bag Lady’ by Erykah Badu playing I knew I was in the right place. Livity gave me that head space not only to explore my skills but to work on the way I present myself.

The student must now become the master… or at least try

The guidance and support has been overwhelming. The team at Livity took their time to mentor and guide me on how to properly establish myself as a freelancer, they even gave me advice on how to handle my taxes.

Although I may not be a master at this now Livity has definitely helped me form a foundation.

In less than 3 months I have managed to achieve what I thought would take me more than a year to realize. I have managed to connect with awesome people, develop my brand further, secure funding with Suvera (a start-up I work with), now I’m organising an event to explore digital design in Africa and that’s just a small overview.

New family, bigger dreams

What I’m proud of the most is how I’ve developed as an individual, the confidence and self-assurance I have gained is really reflected in my work and client interactions. I’ll like to give a special shout out to Suzi, Gillian, Aishat, Tom Ellis and Francis for always showing an interest in what I’m doing and inspiring me to work harder.

At the moment I plan to keep doing what I’m doing to take my brand even further, I’ve been inspired to not only work on myself but to also support others where I can. I also have new project ideas that I will be starting in March/April so keep an eye out!

Also, if you’re a young creative looking for a similar experience Livity have opened up their applications for more Creatives in Residence! Check it out here



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Ryzard Akita

I’m a Digital Product Designer, with over a decade of freelance experience. Currently the Co-Founder of Fricanduo a digital design studio.