Friday Five: Apr 8, 2016

1. How Google Keeps Going

A rare peek behind the curtain into Google’s “Site Reliability Engineering”, the system they developed early on to keep their key services running efficiently.

2. A History Book About a Virtual War

EVE Online has always fascinated me, even though I’ve never actually played. An entire online economy and infrastructure, entirely run by the users. Andrew Groen entered the game’s universe as a passive observer, replicated his position as a journalist in the real world, to document and report on one of the biggest events in EVE, on the precipice of the next big virtual war.

3. How We Talk About Leaks

With the publishing of stories relating the the Panama Papers, the media is once again whipped up into a leak-frenzy. Infographics, big numbers, and hype all around, this quick essay does a great job at calling out that (especially as early on as this essay was published) it can be borderline irresponsible to talk about such a massive and largely unpublished leak without weighing all possible consequences.

4. What’s Facebook Up To Now?

With Facebook’s latest push into livestreaming, and their accompanying PR blitz, a quick look at exactly how one of the world’s biggest web services moves to adapt or consume competing technologies.

5. The Internet Is A Friendly Place

The internet is an echo-chamber for one’s own feelings, whether it’s dealing with grief, being a massive troll, or spreading positivity. While the internet is a toolbox, it’s what the collective group puts into the internet that reverberates and channels back out. This essay looks at a positive and negative outcome, a touching memorial and the pits of gamergate.