Friday Five: Aug 5, 2016

1. @DrinkLandshark

The favored beer by Parrot Heads everywhere, Landshark was (somewhat surprisngly) missing from Twitter. So, after drinking a couple, a group of friends decided they should remedy that. They ran @DrinkLandshark as the official unofficial twitter handle for the beer for a full year before the brand started sending cease and desist letters. Poor out a cold off brand Corona for Landshark fans everywhere.

2. Mayer Speaks

Now that Yahoo has finally found someone to sell off large chunks of their business to, everyone has been wondering what the most recent CEO of Yahoo would do. Bloomberg caught up with Mayer for the most recent interview issue, and she did not disappoint to continue to spew a weird amount of Silicon Valley babble, including that you can work more if you schedule your bowel movements better. Seriously.

3. FaceSnapGramChatBook

The march towards social media ubiquity continued this week as Instagram launched “their” “new” Stories feature. Which is literally Snapchat inside your Instagram feed. They brazenly admitted to as much in all their press interviews around the release. More surprisingly, it’s seeming to be working out pretty well for them. It’s seemingly not a far stretch to ask Instagram users to share moments, and there’s also a small user base going so far to capture the same moment twice for both Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Your followers are already on Instagram, and they don’t need to do anything else to follow your InstaSnaps. However, the catch-22 is that some people like the closed network that exists in their Snapchat feed, given that you have much tighter control over who sees what snaps. I think that Instagram will eventually surpass Snapchat if only for the amount of attention they get on mobile already, the only thing they need to do to really steal the show from Snapchat is include the puppy face filter.

4. You’re Complaining About The Olympics Wrong

The Awl provides a list of talking points to intelligently belittle your friends Olympics arguments at the bar tonight. Yes, there is a very small chance of any visitors catching the Zika virus, and yes there is a pollution problem, but if you had heard any news out of Brazil not including the #olympics hashtag in the past couple months you might note that they also just went through a political overhaul bordering on revolution. There was also a war in North Brazil. So before you criticize Brazil for the athletes resort not being finished, consider that maybe Brazilians were a little busy with the political and economic crisis to finish the job.

5. Eric Andre & Hannibal Buress Play Tinder

You ever journaled at a museum while it was closed?