Friday Interview #1 — Maksee

This is the first post of my Friday Interview series. I will be interviewing graphic designers, mostly in the gaming community, every friday! The first designer I’ve interviewed is FIFA designer Maksee. If you want to stay updated on which designers are coming up next, be sure to follow me on Twitter @albindesigns. Let me know which designers you want me to interview, and I will reach out to them.

So, here’s the interview. Enjoy!

First of all, tell the readers a bit about yourself, and what you do.

My name is Max van der Veer, i’m 14 years old and live in the Netherlands. I work as graphic designer, under the name ‘Maksee’. 2 years ago I started making FIFA videos, after that I began making more backgrounds and cards. Eventually I learned what a ‘thumbnail’ is, and made one, using back then. A bit later I cracked Photoshop and I started searching the internet for tutorials on thumbnails, and became better and better. Where I started free, i’m now working with the YouTubers from the FIFA community and some great clients!

A recent FIFA thumbnail made by Maksee.

What is the most challenging thing that comes with being a graphic designer in this community?

If I gotta be honest, standing out is hard. There are alot of amazing designers with great work and it’s hard to get there. But I love where I am right now and it will always be motivation for me to improve, become better, work with better YouTubers and make it my job.

What areas of designing would you want to improve the most in during 2017?

There is alot where I need to improve on. But if I have to choose one thing, I would go for effects. I love a design that stands out and really pops in your eyes. But in general there are always things I have to improve on, and I always try to improve!

Do you have any favourite designers, that you look up to and are inspired by?

I started on my own making designs, but later I discovered DailyRender and his thumbnails. Those were things I really loved. The way he makes it so original and still makes it stand out is amazing. But I have alot of designers I really look up to.

A practice banner made for MattHDGamer’s YouTube channel, by Maksee.

Finally, do you see yourself working with graphic design in five years?

I defintly hope so! Next year I’m going to a graphic school and hope to improve on many points. I hope in a few years it will become my job and I still enjoy it.

Where can people find you on the internet?

People can find me on Twitter (@Maksee_) where I mostly post my designs and tweet about football related things.

Thanks for the interview! Be sure to check Maksee out and let me know what could be improved on for the next interview.

Written by Albin