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One year of “How’s Fridling doing?”

It has been an entire year since I decided to dedicate myself to Fridling (now Frido) as a side project and, oh wow, what a ride.

From the beginning I knew it wouldn’t be a trivial task to create an entirely new project out of a bunch of sketches and dreams.

I’ve been designing products with various teams for quite some time now but doing it yourself opens up a can of challenges that need to be addressed even before you create the first prototype.

  • Here’s a few of them that kept me busy for the past year:
  • With whom do I want to build this?
  • How do I know I can trust a co-founder?
  • What if someone wants to drop out?
  • How do I keep founders engaged?
  • How do I make sure we are inclusive enough?
  • How do I find & make time to work on it?
  • How to manage my time efficiently so I can also perform well on my daily job?
  • How to handle user feedback graciously?
  • What are the things that can’t be compromised?
  • How to do user research with very limited resources time+money?
  • How to get people to care about it?
  • Where to document features?
  • How to produce deliverables efficiently?
  • Which tech stack to go for?
  • How do we keep up with OS updates?
  • Where & when to invest money?
  • Where do we get the money to cover the basic infrastructure?
  • What if it flops?
  • Do we have enough resources to pivot?

On the top of that, I have this odd feeling that some people only ask ‘how is Fridling doing’ in a grim hope that it will fail so they can say: I knew it would.

If you are one of those people, the joke is on you because I don’t even believe in failure. What I do believe in is the endless cycle of doing, observing, learning, adapting and going at it again.

To answer the “how is Fridling doing” question:
“We are doing what we can, with what we have and for as long as it takes”

On a more positive note, I do want to thank these enlightened people who trusted me with their time and where there to support me: Dheeraj, Marjorie Lima do Vale, Srecko Dimitrijevic and Maria.

(P.s.: if you wanna hop on the vibe train and check out Fridling before anyone else, here’s your shortcut:




A to-do app to free you from creating endless to-do lists

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