Tips on building your UX design portfolio

We are Friends of Figma Hong Kong 🇭🇰, a design community based in Hong Kong. We held community events every month and this event “Let’s talk about portfolio” is a part of the Designspiration series.

Thank you all for joining Monday’s Designspiration! We have covered everyone’s bookmarked portfolios and shared each of our experiences in building design portfolios for job searching. Here is the summary of what we have discussed:

The right amount of quality content

  • Follow the rule of three, most participants agree that 3–5 case studies are the best range
  • Consider what skillsets would you highlight when you pick your case study
  • Fine-tune the language, summary of your work appealing to the applied company’s job description and corporate style
  • Annotate your screenshots and highlight your main point for each screen

For projects that did not have a chance to do proper research/testing

  • Do a retro to show how would you do it differently or how would you make it better
  • Show the impact of your design with figures
  • Compensate by doing research for a side project

If you are just getting started building your online portfolio

  • Focus on the content instead of fancy animation or customized layout
  • Make your website memorable and add personal touch

For those who missed the event, remember to check our FigJam board which contains all resources that we have covered and quick tips on building your own website.

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About us

Friends of Figma Hong Kong 🇭🇰 is an inclusive design community where all designers can find fun, safe spaces to share in, connect and grow. We aim to create a future where design in Hong Kong is valued, community-led, collaborative, and borderless. Join our Discord server and check out our website.



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