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Danell teNyenhuis Black
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Just trying to get the words out

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I grew up with a love of reading. One of my favorite authors was Agatha Christie, and I also enjoyed The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe series by C.S. Lewis.

In high school, I began developing a love of writing, mainly to express my emotions. My first published piece was a short article I wrote in high school about a club I belonged to that focused on volunteer work.

During college, I focused on academic writing and love letters to my boyfriend, who attended school several hours away.

After my marriage, I quit writing and spent my time enjoying my happy life with my husband and our two daughters. Initially, I taught elementary school for four years and then spent the next twenty-two years working for a health insurance company.

In 2016, my life was forever changed when my husband Patrick went on an early morning bike ride and was hit and killed by a meth-impaired driver.

Writing became a way to process my grief, and I wrote prolifically for the first few years. I started a blog, My Life After Patrick, on Tumblr and later moved it to WordPress.

I also sought out and read books and articles on grief, particularly the ones focused on the loss of a partner. Reading the personal stories of resilience…