How to build your ICO using FriendsFingers

Mar 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello Friends,
here it is a Tutorial on how to build your Ethereum based Crowdsale, issue your ERC20 Token and start your ICO using FriendsFingers.

UPDATE: Builder is under construction. Follow us to be updated.

Start building

Visit our Crowdsale Builder page:

Here you will find a form to fill in with all the informations needed to start your ICO.

Project details

Token details

Crowdsale Details

Start crowdsale

After filling in all the informations click on the Start Crowdsale button and the MetaMask notification dialog will appear.

MetaMask should suggest the right values for both Gas Limit and Gas Price.
You can adjust these values as you want.
We suggest to enter a Gas Limit of 6.000.000 (unused gas will be returned back to you). To estimate the Gas Price instead you can use ETH Gas Station.

Click on the Submit button.
Your transaction will be sent over the Ethereum Blockchain.

You will receive a green message status from us. Please do not close the window until you have received the Transaction Hash. By following this link you can explore your transaction on Etherscan and view its status.

You will also receive your Crowdsale page link so you can share it on your website or landing page.

We will review and approve your Project in 7 working days.
Contact us to speed up this process.

IMPORTANT: if you want to try our DEMO on Rinkeby Test Network before starting your Crowdsale, visit our DEMO page and switch your MetaMask extension on Rinkeby Test Network.
To get free ETH on Rinkeby Test Network use the faucet.

Try out our tutorial sample result:

If you want a tutorial on how to join an ICO using FriendsFingers to share with your supporters checkout our article

Discover more on our website

Read our Whitepaper

or join our community

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